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The purpose of the Reputation Network is to help creating a better world where people are trusted by other parties for all the services, opportunities and interactions they need.

The mission of the team behind the Reputation Network is to lead and support the development of the Reputation Network by providing the right tools, partners, education, and economic mechanisms to empower the ecosystem in its purpose.


The Reputation Network is an open source project proposed by Traity. The core team will help:

  • To set the guidelines and roadmap for the Reputation Network.
  • To provide best practices and rules with regards to the ethical use of personal data and scoring that empowers people.
  • To help develop the corporate partnerships and participants that will support and grow the network.
  • To help develop the community that will support and grow the network.
  • To develop the core technology and tools required for the intended use of the network.
  • To fund and develop research with regards to risk, human behaviours, access to financial services.
  • To propose fair economic incentives that empower and leverage the growth of the network.


B. Community

The community will have the opportunity to build tools and objectives in the roadmap and be rewarded for their efforts in the form of REY. Any individual and company is welcome to the community.

C. Funding

The Project will be initially funded by Traity’s funding. That funding will be used to build the first tools and gather the first partners of the ecosystem. Traity has thus decided to put its own money as a signal to the public and in order to offer a working product and ecosystem. The Reputation Network will seek funding when the time is right.