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Hi, my name is Juan, CEO of Traity. When we started to work on the Reputation Network, people asked me about the relationship with Traity, the commonalities, differences and rationale, so I thought I would explain this first:

  1. The Reputation Network is an independent open source project, proposed by Traity. Traity is becoming really good at reputation scoring. We don’t need any ICO to take anyone's money. Traity will participate in the Reputation Network ecosystem just as another scoring app.
  2. The Reputation Network is a way to deliver on the original vision of Traity, on some things Traity simply could not do. As an example, Uber or AirBnb would never share their data with Traity for Traity’s ReputationAPI, but they might participate in a federated data platform that delivers on the same objectives, without giving away their IP and with more transparency, ownership and control for consumers than Traity could possibly do as a private company. So the Reputation Network shares Traity's vision and ambition, and is what Traity would have been if we had started the company today.
  3. Our whitepapers articulate the background, the objectives and the reason for existence to the best of our ability. A shorter slide deck is also available.
  4. We have been working with Blockchain since 2014, so this is not about fads or buzzwords. Back then our proposal was not called a "whitepaper", it was just called a blog-post, but you can read our first approach to decentralizing Traity’s Reputation and Identity here:

    In 2016 we also launched the first P2P insurance chatbot for the sharing economy,, based on Namecoin, and we proposed what an Open Balance Sheet could look like for the insurance industry.

    Blockchain technology solves a significant problem for permissions, traceability, free riders and auditability on a reputation protocol that would not be possible otherwise, so it is not just fancy. If we can turn this infrastructure into a standard for reputation sharing, then the value creation and efficiency could be immense.

With regards to an ICO:

  • For now, Traity will fund the Reputation Network needs.
  • If/When the Reputation Network outgrows the funding power of Traity, and shows real traction with customers and partners, then we might seek funding, but this is undecided.
  • There is no ICO, no token. The Reputation Network infrastructure runs on ether.

Please join us in our Discord to share your thoughts and ideas. Let's build!

Thank you.

Juan Cartagena

Co-Founder & CEO of Traity